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2019 PU BOARD RESULTS - Expert Saga of success

  • Monday, May 20th, 2019
Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation::Classroom & Postal Coaching, PU Science College

FROM 61% to 91% marks

Expert Saga of success

The student of  Expert PU College, Mangalore  have proved  yet again that if taught in a scientific way and given good guidance, with their perseverance, nothing is impossible.

Many students securing less marks in SSLC join this college with a resolve to get good marks in second PUC and they have passed out with distinction. They have proved that where there is a will and Expert guidance, there is a royal way, said Prof.  Narendra L. Nayak, the Chairman of Expert Institutions. 

While students securing 95% in SSLC score 99% in PUC and those who scored 90% in SSLC score 95% in PUC and show their achievement, students with 61% marks in 10th standard securing 80 to 90% marks is another and greater achievement.  At Expert PU College there are many students this year who have marked a improvement of 8 to 22.43% marks in the II PUC board  examination. All this is made possible by the quality of teaching, scientific way of imparting knowledge by the college teachers and the hard work by these students.

Here are some students who made such achievements.

V.Suvan Madev from  Bellary ( SSLC  68.40% in PUC 90.83%)

Sourabh Shet from Mangalore (SSLC 70.30% in PUC 88.83%)

Shreya Devi Reddy from Bangalore (SSLC 77.67% in PUC 93.83%)

Mani J.S.from Bangalore (SSLC 70% in PUC 85.17%)

Pranav Anil Kumar from Kasaragod (SSLC 79.80% in PUC 94.33%)

Bhavani Shankar Mirji from Yadgiri (SSLC 72.2% in PUC 86.50%)

Harshitha from Kushtagi  (SSLC 69.17% in PUC 83%)

Chimay Ranjan Bhat from Mangalore (SSLC 70.3% in PUC 83.33%)

Sudeep G.Y. from Kampli, Bellary (SSLC 61.67%   in PUC 74.17%)

Darshan S.R. from Mandya (SSLC 78.67% in PUC 90.83%)

Samhit srinivas Metuku from Bangalore (SSLC 73.33% in PUC 85%)

Jayashree from Mangalore (SSLC 72.83%  in PUC 83.50%)

Sathivik Prakash form Bangalore (SSLC 80% in PUC 90.50%)

Shamitha C. from Kesarahalli (SSLC 78% in PUC 88.17%)

Deshik R. Gowda from Somarwapet (SSLC 70.33% in PUC 80.33%)

Sanjana K.A. from Chickballapur (SSLC 79.33% in PUC 89.17%)

Thapan Gowda B.K. (SSLC 68.40% in PUC 78.17%)

Aishwarya S. Davaskar from Dharwad (SSLC 60% in PUC 69.97)

Dheeraj S. from Bangalore (SSLC 66.50% in PUC 76)

Shreyas M.R. (SSLC 74.1% in PUC 82.33%)

Ankith Dandu fom Gulbarga (SSLC  80% in PUC 88.17%)

Bannikal K. Bindu from Bellary (SSLC 66.33% in PUC 73%)

The environment in Expert PU College inspired me to work hard. College, coaching and studies were all comprehensive. This is why I could  score 18.83% more marks in PUC than in SSLC  and the positive energy  I got in these two years changed the course of my life, says Sourabh Shet.