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  • Wednesday, September 05th, 2018
Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation::Classroom & Postal Coaching, PU Science College


‘Proper preparation prevents poor performance.  Full preparation helps an individual to reach his goal. Competitive spirit is more important that competition. Hard work is the key to success and one must work hard in order to achieve great things in life. Taking challenges and facing them is the key to the journey of success’ said the Chief Guest Dr. Devaraj  K., Former Director, S.D.M. P.G. Centre for Management Services, Mangalore. He addressed the gathering  after inaugurating the Teachers’ Day Celebrations held at  Expert PU College Kodialbail, Mangalore.

Ms Ushaprabha N Nayak, Vice Chairperson,  Expert Group of Institutions speaking on the occasion said,  ‘Life is not a bed of roses, however a Guru’s blessings and a student’s hard work makes life successful. A good teacher has a greater influence in shaping the life of an individual.   So we must always respect our teachers and fulfill their wishes’.

‘Dedication by students is as essential as dedication by teachers. The true gift to a teacher is to honour them by doing well and making them proud with hard work and by coming out in shining colours’ said Prof. P. Shantharama,  Former Trustee of  Expert Group of Institutions.

Prof. Ramachandra Bhat, Principal of Expert  PU College said, ‘No one is a loser, everyone wins in his own way’. He imparted his knowledge by sharing his experience as to how the institution is a balance of excellent education with individual virtues and it is necessary for  students to strike a balance between the two.  

Prof. Narendra L. Nayak, Chairman of Expert Group of Institutions  said  ‘We must have a good ear to listen and a good heart to respond’.  He further said that we must be humble and down to earth.  A teacher sows the seeds of knowledge and patiently nurtures them to produce tomorrow’s dream. If any student goes against the will of the teacher, he will not succeed in life.  The goal is ahead of the students and  teachers should guide them to reach the goal’.

The dignitaries offered floral tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. On this occasion, the Chief Guest Dr. Devaraj K. was felicitated for his enormous contribution to the field of education.   Ex-Science - an Expert Science Club was inaugurated by the Chief Guest. Various cultural activities by the teachers   followed.   The prizes were distributed by the Chief Guest to the students who won in the various competitions.

 Ronnel Fernandes and Anagha Bhat compered the programme and Vimarsha B., Cultural Secretary of the Students’ Council proposed the Vote of Thanks.  The Cultural Co-Ordinator Ms. Deepti Joshi and the Programme Director of Teachers’ Day Ms. Zita D’Souza were also present.