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  • Thursday, December 29th, 2016
Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation::Classroom & Postal Coaching, PU Science College

Sri Raghavendra Auradkar, IPS at “EXPERT DAY”celebration

There are no alternative paths  and shorts cuts to success

It is impossible to reach the top and maintain the same without consistent effort and hard work. There are no alternative paths and shorts cuts to success.  These were the words of Raghavendra Auradkar.

He was speaking on the occasion of  the 31st Expert Day which was held on 27th December 2016. He also  shared his inputs on life and education which inspired the young minds of  the students. He further said that honesty and simplicity have to be inculcated in every aspect of our  lives. If a person thinks that he/she has achieved everything in life, then there can be no further  growth and development. We need to have thirst and hunger for gaining knowledge. One should have faith and practice perseverance. Without self confidence, it is impossible to achieve anything. He gave the example of Arunima Sinha who climbed the Mount Everest with an amputated  leg and achieved her goal, he said that she is not just an inspiration for physically challenged people but also for all of us. If we fail in something, it should be considered as a stepping stone towards success and a lesson should be learnt out of it. No matter how famous one becomes, one should be grateful to one’s teachers and always remember their contributions in one’s life.

The annual celebration “ EXPERT DAY” 2016 was a clear depiction of grand celebrations and cultural festivities.  The programme was held on the 26th and 27th of December. On 26th various competitions were held for the students  to exhibit their talents. The students actively took part in all the competitions.

 The formal inauguration of the  Expert Day   which marks 30 years of  excellence in education, was held at Kootakkala auditorium, Bhagavati temple premises at 5.30 pm.     The chief guest was Sri Raghavendra Auradkar, IPS, Additional Director General of  Police and Chief of Recruitment and Training, Guest of honor  Prof. C R Ballal, Retd. Head of the department of surgery at Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru,  Prof.  Narendra L. Nayak, Chairman, Ms Ushaprabha N. Nayak, Vice - Chairperson of Expert Educational & Charitable Foundation, Mangaluru,  Ustad  Rafique  Khan & Mr. Suresh Pai, the Trustees of Expert Educational & Charitable Foundation, Mangaluru,  Prof. Ramachandra Bhat,  the Principal of the college, Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the Academic Advisor and H.O.D.  Department of  Biology,  Mr. Ankush  N Nayak,  alumnus, Expert  P U College,  Ms. Niha Sheikh  the  Cultural   Co-ordinator and  Ms .Shreevidya, the Programme Director  of  Expert  Day were on the dais. They were also accompanied by the President of alumni association  Mr. Nishantha Bhat  and the Secretary of alumni association  Mr. Navin  Mallya and the President of the student council Mr. Sanketh Pai.

Guest of  Honor Retd. Head of the department of surgery at Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru  and Prof. Emeritus Surgery( Retd.) K.S Hegde Medical  Academy, Mangaluru   Prof. C R Ballal  illuminated the minds of students by encouraging them to take  up medicine as he said, it is one of the best carrier options. The students have to involve themselves in extra curricular activities also to increase their knowledge. 

In today’s competitive world, hard work alone will lead us to success in life.  We have to cross all types of hurdles gracefully in life with self confidence and trust .  At times we need to overlook the criticisms.  We have to put up our efforts, work sincerely without any expectations or recognitions of any type from anyone, said the Vice Chairperson  Ms Ushaprabha N. Nayak.

The students have to inculcate hard work and sincerity as the two are important aspects of life.  It is not possible to achieve everything in short time, said the chairman Prof.  Narendra L. Nayak. He continued saying that he started   his classes on 29th December, 1986 and after 30 years when he thinks back the way he reached this day, he feels very proud of himself. But still what he has achieved is less than what he has to achieve for the days to come. The sky is the limit for the achievements and success said.

The  Principal Prof. Ramachandra Bhat presented the annual report of the year.  The students, Simran and Amogh compeered the formal programme. The formal function was followed by a cultural programme by the students of Expert.


Cultural program