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Hard work is the only key to success - Dr. Rajesh Nayak

  • Saturday, August 06th, 2016
Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation::Classroom & Postal Coaching, PU Science College

Hard work is the only key to success  -  Dr. Rajesh Nayak

A special motivational talk on hardwork, the key to success was held at Expert PU College today, by Dr. Rajesh Nayak, Director, college of Banking and Financial studies, Muscat, sultanate of Oman.

 The talk included tips to success, importance of focus, need of dedication, determination, team work, trust, work management, planning for a secure future etc.  He also spoke about self ability, self confidence, communication skills, decision making skills, perseverance, discipline, faith, tips to overcome crisis, positive attitude, importance of body language, need of working as per planned schedule, etc   .  The students were very much involved in this interactive session as it was full of anecdotes.

            The Chairman, Expert group of Institutions, Prof. Narendra L Nayak welcomed and introduced the guest, Dr.  Rajesh Nayak.  The Principal, of Expert PU College, Prof. Ramachandra Bhat organized this session.  Ms Niha sheikh, Lecturer, Dept. of chemistry was the master of ceremony