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  • Friday, May 12th, 2017
Expert Educational and Charitable Foundation::Classroom & Postal Coaching, PU Science College


Srujana N. of Expert PU College, Mangalore has topped the State in Science Stream of the II PUC Board Examination held this year.  99.18% students of Expert  PU College Kodialbail and Expert  PU College, Valachil have passed in first class and have created history in PU results. 

Of the total 1348 students who wrote the examination, 1341 students have passed with a pass percentage of 99.48.  884 students have passed in distinction, 123 students have scored more than 95% marks and 542 students have scored more than 90%.  884 students distinction and 10 students passed in second class.  Srujana N. has scored 100 each in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science with a total of 596.  She is the topper in the State.  Shreshta S.H. 591, Annapoorna P. 591, Vishal Kishore 590, Purva Shinde 589, Priya S. 588, Shreya N.H. 586, Trupthi Reddy 586, Gayathri Kini 585, P. Yadu Tilak 585, C.T. Neil Pemmaiah 585, C M Sanandana 585, Vibha B. 585, Swati Saralaya 584, Tanisha Shetty 584, Ilaa Raghupathi Vasishtha 584, Lavanya N. 584, Ibrahim Zahik 582, Shivani M.D. 582, Prerana Sirigeri 582, S.B. Rakshith 582, Harshitha Shetty 582, Ananth S. Udupa 582, Tejashree A. Patil 582, Ashwin R.Bhat 581, Sachin S. 581, K.S. Rakshith 580, Akanksha S.Bhat 580, Shivani Bhat L. 580, Pratheek M M 580, Shubhanshu Ajibsingh 580, Sujith S 580, Apeksha Gaonkar 580 are the prominent top scorers.

While one student has scored 100 each in 5 subjects, three students in 4 subjects, 5 students in 3 subjects, 34 students have secured 100 each in 2 subjects. The prominent feature to be noted in the results here is that, 94 students secured 100 in Physics, 19 students in Chemistry, 72 students in Mathematics, 19 students in Biology, 27 in Statistics, 19 in Computer Science, 18 in Sanskrit, 2 in Electronics and 1 in Kannada. 

The Chairman of the Institution, Prof. Narendra L. Nayak has congratulated the students on their glorious performance.   

Every year expert PU College has been achieving excellent results not only in PU Board Exams  but also in many state and national level competitive examinations.